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Our Thoughts on Dr. David Toturgul's "Truth In Skincare" Review of Lindi Skin

As we mentioned in a previous blog post, Dr. David Toturgul owns a competing skin care line, and without disclosing that fairly blatant conflict of interest, he anonymously publishes a blog where he “reviews” competing skin care products like Lindi Skin.  Besides the fact that we feel this is highly unethical, we also would like to take a moment to point out where we feel that his “review” is inaccurate.  In some cases, Dr. Toturgul is simply choosing to ignore available info.  In other case, his "review" makes us wonder how much he truly knows about skin care.   Let's take a look at this "review":



"Shame on you! Lindi Skincare" - such a harsh title, let's see what Dr. Toturgul has to say about "shame"....


Dr. Toturgul makes the claim several times, that Lindi Skin has “no proof” or “no credible evidence”.  He refuses to edit or amend his blog despite the fact that we have delivered to him copies of the Northwestern University Clinical Study that proved that: “Quality of Life improves with (Lindi Skin) use, all of which were rated as good/very good for tolerability. Moreover, skin toxicity as manifested by dry skin, hand-foot skin reaction, and skin rash (dermatitis) were decreased with use of (Lindi Skin) within 4 weeks”.  A double-blind, peer-reviewed clinical study proved that Lindi Skin is effective.  Yet Dr. Toturgul leaves his blog in place claiming there's "no proof".  We feel it is dishonest to continue to make a claim that has been proven false, but that doesn’t seem to stop Dr. Toturgul. 

The doctor scores extra irony points for talking about how much he can't stand when companies manipulate consumers via misrepresentation.... all while anonymously blogging about skincare, neglecting to disclose his blatant conflict of interest, and completely misrepresenting himself as an unbiased reviewer!



Dr. Toturgul seems to be unaware of the amazing anti-oxidant properties of astaxanthin.  Astaxanthin is an anti-oxidant that is 500 times more powerful than Vitamin C or E and is rare in that it does not become pro-oxidant when exposed to oxygen.  It’s not Lindi Skin’s only “secret ingredient”, but it does a lot of good and is VERY widely known throughout the skincare industry.  Frankly, anyone with a cursory knowledge of skincare ingredients is well aware of astaxanthin.  We wonder how a self-proclaimed skincare doctor has never heard of it. 



To someone with minimal knowledge of skin care and how people use skin care, it might be tempting to say “I would never recommend products with fragrances”, but to those of us who have worked closely with doctors, skincare experts and actual cancer patients there is a key understanding about skincare that Dr. Toturgul seems to be lacking.  In order for skincare to work, people have to use it.  In order for people to use it, they need to LIKE it.  Part of what makes a skincare product to a potential user is its “feel”… its look… and, yes – its smell.  

After Lindi Skin’s team of doctors vetted all potential fragrance ingredients for safety, we performed focus groups with dozens of actual cancer patients and in every case, the focus groups overwhelmingly chose the scented versions.  We also take great care to choose ingredients that are hypo-allergenic.  Did you know that lavender grown at high altitudes produces the pleasant smell of lavender without a high concentrations of linalool – which is the compound that causes most lavender allergies?  It’s vital knowledge like that that seem to be lacking in Dr. Tortugul’s blog. 


Notwithstanding Dr. Toturgul’s apparent difficulties with math… he also seems oblivious to the fact that Phenoyethanol can in fact be derived from plants or made synthetically.   A skincare expert?  Really?



Dr. Toturgul is referencing items that simply do not appear on our web site.  We’ve asked him to amend his “review” accordingly, but he is unwilling to do so. Our website was written in conjunction with experts like the folks at the Oncology Nursing Society and we take pride in the fact that it is a valuable learning tool for people.  Once again, we note the irony of "Dr David" discussing ethical boundaries and calling us "shady". 



This is another one of Dr. Toturgul’s comments that sounds like it makes sense at first, but acutually indicates a lack of “real world” knowledge about skin care products.  Most Lip Balms have a high concentration of hard wax.  This hard wax allows most lip balms to be sold in tubes, doesn’t make for really good lip care.  Lindi Skin’s ingredients are focused more on helping the skin, and are softer than most Lip Balms.  Simply put, if we put our Lip Balm in a tube like Chap Stick, it would settle out through the bottom of the tube over time.  We do encourage our users to use a Q-Tip or clean their hands first.  Our thousands of happy users have all seemed to agree that it is a worthwhile extra step to get quality lip care.   High-quality lip care in a tub is preferable to rubbing useless wax on your lips. 


You asked for the "Proof", Dr. Toturgul.  When we provided it to you, you told us that you had no intention of altering your “review” accordingly.  We realize that this is probably because you own and sell a competing skincare line and you want to limit your competition, which we feel is despicable.  But just in case you really want the “proof” – here is the Clinical study again. 

And let's take a look at Dr. Toturgul's disclaimer.

Dr. Toturgul claims to have “no financial interest” in Lindi Skin, yet he owns a competing line of skin care.  This is like Coke saying it has “no financial interest” in Pepsi.   Imagine if McDonald’s started an anonymous blog where it gave bad reviews of Burger King!  Does that seem ethical to you? 

 Dr. Toturgul turned off the comments section of his blog.  We tried to leave our rebuttal on this blog and dozens of our devoted customers have tried to add their thoughts as well, but he doesn’t allow those posts to show.

 And let’s keep in mind….this is the man who has the audacity to call his blog “TRUTH” in Skincare.

Somewhere out there, it's very likely that someone is suffering right now.  They are suffering with dry, itchy or painful skin from their cancer treatments.  They found out about Lindi Skin on the internet and - as proven in our Clinical Study - it's very likely that Lindi Skin could have helped with their pain and discomfort.  But then they found Dr. Toturgul's sham of a "review" and believed him and went back to thinking there's no real relief to be had.   And why?  Because Dr. David Toturgul apparently wants to limit his competition in the skin care market? 

Shame on you, Dr. David Toturgul. 

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